Acoustic Consultancy

Acoustics are central to the success of any recording studio build, and achieving good acoustic performance requires careful design and meticulous attention to detail. Studio Creations’ approach to studio design combines a thorough understanding of acoustics with an appreciation of the ergonomic and aesthetic factors that make a studio great.

We can assist you with room analysis in order to determine the appropriate acoustic solution, be it a bespoke design or prefabricated ‘off-the-shelf’ acoustic panels. We provide onsite supervision and installation where required, or can simply supply plans in order for you to carry out the work with your own contractor.

  • Acoustic design for isolation and room acoustics
  • Bespoke acoustic solutions
  • Advice, planning, supervision & installation
  • Room analysis and advice on isolation and room acoustic issues.
  • Auralisation (our technique to demonstrate room isolation performance)
  • Studio monitor alignment


Our clients
Our clients