Interior Design

Recording Studio Interior Design

We understand the importance of an inspirational recording studio interior design whether it be a new build or the refurbishment of an existing facility. Though our clients often take ideas and reference from other areas, we realise that every project is unique. Although structural integrity, cost, the nature of building materials, and the functional intention of the building contribute heavily to the design process our designers can still apply aesthetic considerations to the building and related spaces.

Interior design is less constrained by structural concerns, with a wide variety of applications to appeal to aesthetics. Our designers will work with you on colour schemes, colour harmony, fabrics, textures, lighting plans and floor treatments. We are sympathetic to those wanting traditional interiors, or industry standard finishes. We equally embrace the integration of new technology and innovative products in our interior architecture. Our collaborative approach to design ensures satisfaction with your new or refurbished working environment.

  • Inspirational Interiors
  • Sympathetic to brief & budget
  • Traditional, Industry Standard or Innovative
  • Collaborative Approach


Our clients
Our clients